Recruiter Training


Want to boost your recruiting team's ability to find, attract and recruit the best talent? Proactive Talent Solutions Founder, Will Staney, offers a variety of trainings to get your talent acquisition team up to speed.

Training is available in half-day sessions (2 workshops + hands-on practice time) or full-day sessions (4 workshops + hands-on practice time), offered onsite at your office location or remotely via online webinars.

Workshop Options (60-90 min each): 

  • How Social Media has Transformed Recruiting*: This session will explores best practices, real-world examples, and trends that savvy recruiters need to know to help their organizations compete in today’s talent landscape. You will learn the latest trends in employer branding, building engaged talent networks, corporate social recruiting strategies and techniques, and cultivating internal and external brand ambassadors.

*prerequisite for all other training workshops

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Recruiters: Are your recruiters' profiles ready for the spotlight? Are they projecting a strong personal brand and employer brand? Is top talent able to find your recruiters or are your competitors showing up one page one instead?  We'll scrub your profiles and optimize each key component to make sure your recruiters can both find and be found.

  • Twitter 101: Learn how to tweet, source passive candidates, grow your followers and take the first steps in supercharging your team's employer branding efforts. 

  • Advanced Twitter Strategies: How can you build a loyal following on Twitter in order to get the largest possible reach for the content you're sharing? Learn simple tools and technologies that simplify Twitter, maximize your effectiveness and minimize your time investment. 

  • Facebook 101: Facebook isn't just personal anymore, but there are ways to use it and still keep those two worlds seperate. Learn how to optimize your profile, professionally network, collaborate with co-workers, and even reach out to candidates without being annoying--or annoying your friends/family. 

  • Advanced Facebook Sourcing w/ Graph Search: Find highly-targeted untapped talent (including diversity candidates) on the world's largest social network with more than 1.3 billion prospects.

  • Think Like a Marketer and Ace Your Recruiting Results: Learn best practices in evangelizing your company's EVP, culture and core values through social media and content marketing strategies that have both reach and impact. Learn the difference between good content and really great content that fully supports and is consistent with your brand and builds your reputation as an employer of choice.

  • Glassdoor, Candidate Experience and Reputation Management: Are you unsure how to improve your ratings, engage employees, respond to feedback and optimize your Glassdoor profile? Are you treating candidates in a way that's supporting your employer brand? Learn best practices that will have long-term, positive impact on your company's employer brand and help attract the best players in your industry.

  • Custom Workshops: Available Upon Request

Contact us to learn everything you need to know about today's cutting edge tools, techniques and tips to give your recruiting team the edge it needs to compete in today's ever-changing market.